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Posted By Admin, October 24th, 2016

As an admirer of the Neapolitan series of books, especially the un-put-down-able Troubling Love I didn’t know how to react when the authors true identity was revealed by New York Review of Books this week. The books were published under the pseudonym Elena Ferrante but apparently the ‘real’ author is a woman called Anita Raja, an Italian translator.
You may be wondering why I am so bothered about this and why I would give it a second thought. Well, to begin with a person may have reasons to conceal their identity. There is also the idea of ‘ownership’ of a human being’s identity. I accept that Ferrante or indeed Raja has sold over two million books and has even been nominated for a prestigious Booker Prize for the novel ‘The Story of a Lost Child’ but does success mean you have to eschew secrecy?
Every single escort I know goes by an assumed name. There are a variety of reasons for this. For starters a girl may want a sexy moniker: if your real name is Carol you may prefer to be a Cheryl, a Candice or a Claudia. Names conjure images and so it may be important for an escort to choose a name rich in connotations, think Marilyn as opposed to Mary. The word Marilyn inevitably leads one to thinking about the blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, with her oodles of sex appeal, not to mention her considerable curves. Who wouldn’t want to be linked to such a sexy screen siren?
Another reason why an escort chooses to go by an assumed name is an obvious one: privacy. Of course there are plenty of escorts who are single or who believe in open relationships or who just enjoy spending time with lots of different men and women. After all variety is as they rightly say the spice of life and love. But there are some girls who are in relationships but enjoy being an escort. They don’t necessarily want a partner to know what they get up to when they go to work on a Saturday night.